Workout Log

No the pic is not me - sorry

No the pic is not me – sorry


(On the bottom are some notes about my workouts if you are interested – most probably aren’t.)

Wed 05 August – am weights slow /   pm walk 3.5 miles 1:09 

Tues 04 August – swim 1.4km

Mon 03 Aug – run 2mi (18:56)
      walk 3.76 miles (1:11)

Friday July 31 – Run 3mi (32:08; 10:41/mi)
Swim 1k (24 min)

Thurs July 30 – Run  2.39 mi ( 26:24; 11:01/mi)

Wed July 29 – CrossFit

Wed Jul 22 – CrossFit

Tues Jul 21 – CrossFit

Mon Jul 20 – CrossFit


I did work out several times in this 3 week period. But it was indeed a weak period!! Ugh

Wed Jul 1 – Circuit Training

Tues Jun 30 – Strong Flow Yoga 1:15

Mon Jun 29 – Run 2 miles

And more travel (and eating and drinking – double UGH!

Wed June 24 – Run 2.13mi (22:39)

Travel days ugh

Friday June 19 – Run 2.58mi (26:20)

Thurs June 18 – swim 1000m

Wed June 17 – circuit training

                3 days off?? 

Sat June 13 – Gentle Flow Yoga 1hr

Thurs June 11 – Swim 2000M (1 1/14 Miles) – longest swim distance I can remember!

Wed June 10 – Circuit Training

Tues June 9 – Run 3.7mi Jog with 4x400m retpeats (1:52, 1:56, 1:57, 2:10 oops!)

Sun June 7 – Run 4mi (46:18) 11:14/mi

Sat June 6 – Strong Flow Yoga 1:15

Thurs June 4 – Run 3 miles (33 min) – easy run on hills no sweat (ok lot’s of sweat but it felt good). I think I’m finally over my Yoga soreness – time to try it again Saturday!

Tues June 2 – Run 3 miles with 2x800M repeats and a 1/4 mile hill to finish. Total time 31:52 (800#1 4:19, 800#2 4:49) – almost threw up at the top of the last hill!! btw still slightly sore from Yoga on Saturday!

Mon June 1 – Swim 1 Mile (40-45min) – still sore from Yoga on Saturday! Holy Crap – I think places hurt I didn’t know i had!

Sat May 30 – Yoga strong flow class (1:15) First Yoga in a few months – feeling it!!

Fri May 29 – Run 3.3 mile (hills)

Thurs May 28 – swim 1K (600M)

Wed May 27 – Circuit training

Tues May 26 – 3 mile run (attempted) quit at about 2.5 with pain in knee. VERY stiff after driving 1,200miles over memorial weekend.

Wednesday May 20 – 2 mile run 18:34 plus 35PU and 35SU (“APFT” – this was as fast as I could)

Monday May 18 – 2 mile run easy pace

Friday may 15 – Circuit Training. Today I have a glimpse of Chris (the guy I’m looking for) and I almost feel normal. This motivates me to find out what I have done that might have contributed to this great finds. STARTED WP WORKOUT bLOG TODAY (all below is from historical records)

Thursday May 14 – swim 1 mile (about 40 minutes)

Wednesday May 13 – nothing – plan was to swim and a morning meeting ran long

Tuesday May 12 – Run 3 miles 29:39 (WHAT!?)

Monday May 11 – Circuit Training (also saw doctor and increased my happy pills today :-/ )

Sunday May 10 – Run 3 miles 32 minutes – see normal pace did a 1 mile in 9:16

Friday May 8 – Circuit Training (Vincent didn’t have a class so I made my own – I’m sure not as intense)

Thursday May 7 – Run 3 miles 32 minutes – this is a pretty normal pace for me.

Wednesday May 6 – Swim 1 mile ( no time but probably about 40-45 minutes)

Tuesday May 5 – Run 3.63 miles – 1 mile warm-up, 4 x ¼ mile speed work with ¼ walk between, 1 mile cool-down. Yes, ¾ mile was walking. I’m not fast, warm-up and cool-down was about a 12 minute mile and quarter miles were 2:02, 2:06, 2:04, 2:05.

Monday May 4 – Circuit Training

Sunday May 3 – Run/Walk 4.6 miles (in 1:04) – this was a HARD run. I ran in the afternoon which I don’t normally do. I planned to run 3 miles but I got on a trail and decided during the first mile to run to the end which I knew would take me over 4 miles. I died and quit running at 3. Walked the last mile and a half. Stick to the plan!!!


I’m a details guy so I like to keep track of this stuff. I don’t necessarily recommend the level of detail I keep because sometimes it becomes a hindrance to me. I do think, though, having a detailed plan for the future is important.

I have a Garmin Forerunner 220 which synchs nicely with the Garmin “Connect” app on my iPhone which talks back and forth with the MyFitnessPal app. These two “talk” to each other well so I can load a workout into one or the other and the info transfers.

The pool I swim at is an indoor 50 meter pool (love the 50 meters compared to 25!). I just swim freestyle the entire time, VERY rarely (like almost never) I’ll swim a lap of breast or back stroke. I think once in the last few years I kicked with a board and I never could master butterfly.

Circuit Training – The gym next to my office has a very awesome trainer named who will absolutely destroy us in strength & endurance drills. Never the same workout twice. The focus is on functional fitness (not cross fit but similar concept). Usually 30 – 40 minutes of work-out time after warm-up. He sets up maybe 8-10 stations with 30, 45 or 60 seconds of work at each station with 20-30 second transition between stations. Do this 2 or 3 times around and I am absolutely spent!!



  1. i’ve been looking for myself in the gym and on long runs and even twisted up on the yoga mat. it’s in these moments…the sweaty ones, that i feel the most like me. keep it up. we’re not just chasing ghosts. we’re out there so keep running!

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    1. [Red faced] I haven’t been keeping my log up – I HAVE been working out the last month – you are right it’s the only time resembling wellness. One of my measures that I’m not doing well is I would NEVER walk on a run. Slow, YES. Walk, NO. But I have been walking this year. Just not feelin it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. what?! are you actually talking bad about your workouts?? you are off the couch and out there, WORKING! walking or running or stretching or crossfitting…doesn’t matter. you should be proud of yourself. it’s a lot easier to sit by the pool drinking a beer than it is to get up and proud. i am. even if it sucked, it’s better than nothing and it’s one step closer to my sanity. oh how i want to be sane again.

        Liked by 1 person

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