Sunday Sundries

I came home yesterday afternoon and my wife, Marie, was watching TV and crying. “Where have you been?” She said. “The Notebook is on.” 

Secretly I was glad it was the last scene and didn’t have to watch it all. “I recorded it,” she announced.

. . . Later with a bottle of wine we watched it again.

Genesis 2:18 “It is not God for man to be alone.”

We find completion in life only as we love and are loved in return.Find someone to share your life with and love each other well. 



  1. I have to confess to not being a fan of Nicolas Sparks or of chick flicks in general. Regarding The Notebook, the ending completely ruined it for me. Why couldn’t they have just ended it with her remembering him and them dancing together? We knew she was just going to forget him again and it would be sad, why not end it on a happy moment, which, it may be argued, is all we ever really get anyways. I felt they were just trying to make me cry and I rather resented it. But that’s just me. You are a nice husband for watching it with your wife. What kind of wine did you drink?


      1. It’s hard to find middle of the road. I’m dry red or white and luckily my husband is too. Try Pinot Grigio, lots of sweeties like that. Or just get two bottles. More wine? yes, please!


  2. Welcome back, Chris! Thought about you and your journey this past year and prayed all was going well.

    “Why pay to cry for someone else’s issues?” That’s a keeper line, lol. I will say because sometimes it’s cathartic. But you watched The Notebook for the same reason I sat through two back back-to-back Netflix horror movies with the hubs yesterday. 😂

    BTW, I’m not a huge fan of Riesling but the Kabinett is my go-to with curry. Or bubbly. That works with everything!


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