Sex over Sexless

Seems like almost a complete comeback! That’s right fellow bloggers and sex enthusiasts it’s back! 

[This post is probably at least PG-13]

 I wrote a post earlier this Fall called Sexless in which I exposed my almost complete lack of libido for the last few years.

I have struggled with a couple of episodes of major depression during this time and the libido issue was certainly related. I had really almost no desire at all and this was adding to marital difficulties. I shared this concern repeatedly with my medical providers. 

Last month during a 5 week intensive in-patient program, I changed fro Prozac to Welbutrin and BAM! Almost immediately there was a change. 

During the first week I started getting erections again in the early mornings. This is a normal thing that happens to most guys daily. It had become a rare occurance for me. 

As the Prozac diminished (the doc said it takes about 6-8 weeks to be completely out of my system) my sex drive came back. 

I’ve been thinking again about making love to my wife while we are apart during the day and defiantly following through when we are together! She is pleased! 

I know we are not alone in struggling as a couple with lack of desire. There are many reasons for this to happen and we explored several including many blood tests for thyroid, testosterone, and other issues.

This is just one of many of the benefits I gained during treatment. So glad I chose hospitalization! 



  1. I’m glad for you, anxiety and depression etc are bad enough without having to deal with impotence, I found that worse to cope with than anything else. I find that most doctors may be sympathetic to sexual dysfunction but rarely do anything to help avoid or alleviate it

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  2. Is it too uncomfortably weird if I say congratulations?!

    Oddly, when I took Prozac my already healthy libido increased. The doctor found it unusual, to say the least, but I wasn’t complaining. 😎

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  3. Thanks for sharing. I am on prozac as you know. I have been on it for a bit now, and I am just now noticing my sex drive to slowly diminish. What I am noticing the most is being unable to climax.
    Maybe the Prozac isn’t such a bad thing, my wife’s sex drive is much lower and we always clash in that spot in our marriage, so maybe it isn’t a bad thing if my sex drive meets hers……….

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