My mind is dazed, eyes are glazed

I stare into space, right through your face.

I’m happy, I’m sad,

I’m bored and I’m mad.

I don’t’ know where to go.

Show me?


What is it that I need to do?

I can’t concentrate,

Can’t think two steps ahead.

I can drive a nail, or turn a screw, or slosh a mop

But I can’t figure out what’s next.

My brain is in pain.

My mind is all kinds of crazy.

Why can’t I feel like the old me?


Chris is a blur from the past

I see him at home, and run into him at work.

But he’s on vacation or something,

Because he isn’t returning my calls

Or my email

Or my text messages

Or even my thoughts


What will happen?

We he come back?

Is he gone forever?

Maybe he’s just resting,

Or maybe he never existed?


He might be a Fig Newton figment of your imagination

NOPE – that’s an old witty line he uses: Fig Newton

So he IS still there . . . somewhere.

But why is he hiding?

Why won’t he come out to play?

Is he sick?

Does the Dr. know why?

Can I pray for him?

You can try . . .


Chriiiiiis? Here boy! [whistle, whistle , whistle]

You want a treat?

Come on home and get a treat!! [whistle, whistle , whistle]













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