Today I check-in! 

Today I’m checking myself in to a 4-6 week depression treatment facility 12 hours from my home. 

I’m still about an hour and a half away from my destination in the Lone Star State and just stopped for my first ever Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte! That’s right first ever! 


I saw the taco billboard this morning and tried to get a good picture (at 75mph). The sign is self explanatory, but perhaps it will become a theme for Tuesday!?!? 

You know, sometimes your in a whiskey state of mind, or wasting away in margaritaville. I’m thinking something like – what’s in your TACO Tuesday? Because I definitely Taco my Tuesdays!!! 

Since I’ve been driving for 2 days, my Taco Tuesday is filled with thoughts. It’s weird driving to a mental health facility to check yourself in (fairly rhetorical statement I know). I wonder if the guy sitting next to me at Starbucks would have his back to me if he knew? Lol
Anyway, sort of nervous at the anticipation of the unknown and the hard work ahead. I’ve been looking forward to going, but now that it’s close, I’d rather just go back to the Hooters I was at last night. I felt sufficiently happy there. And I really was working hard at drinking beer, eating hot wings and chatting up the servers. Best work I’ve done in a while!!! 

I had a great seat at the bar, right next to the place the servers come to pick up drinks for their tables. So I got all the servers names and joked with all of them. 

For instance, I gave Sara a hard time (in a joking way) because she took a guy a Blue Moon with no orange slice (abomination right!?) She looked at me like, “oh crap you’re right,” then said, “well it’s his third one so I can’t start now.”


Fellow bloggers and … friends, I will see you again in 4-6 weeks. 

Prayers appreciated!

Grace and Peace,

Chris – signing off the net



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