Letter to a Few Close Friends: T -2 Days to Admission


A couple of days ago I sent an e-mail to a few close friends – guys who have impacted my life greatly. The response has been as I suspected from these brothers in Christ; overwhelmingly supportive!

Brothers –

I am reaching out to some of the most important people in my life. I am in a deep struggle and I need you.

Next week I am going into an inpatient treatment program for depression for probably 4-6 weeks.

You each have been such an important part of my life. Each of you I can truly say to you, “I love you.”

I know over the last few years you have tried to reach out to me, maybe you just wanted to catch up, or maybe you needed my help and I wasn’t there. I have been slowly shutting out the world and digging into a hole. I feel most days like I want to cry, but the tears simply won’t come. Most of the things I used to love in life I just don’t care about any more.

I am so thankful for my faith in our Lord! He really is the only thing I know is True. He is the One who gives me hope. That hope is in a great part because of you.

I know each of you are not perfect. But you are my friends and my brothers and I miss each of you every day! This is true – I think of you almost daily. I am blessed to count you as a friend in this life.


Pray for me, and for Marie – this has been just as hard on her I’m sure you can realize. I am hopeful going into this program. It is purely secular, so I am looking for God’s grace and truth to be buried deep – but there nonetheless.


Forgive me for my isolation, separation, and blatant ignoring of your calls, and emails over the last months and years. Please know I value our friendship, and I yearn for our fellowship.

I’m done keeping my life a secret, so please share (discriminately of course) as I covet your prayers and those of people who know me.

Grace and peace-

 Nite to readers: In two days I’ll check myself into a 4-6 week in-patient depression treatment program. Fellow bloggers and prayer enthusiasts, I covet your prayers!! 



  1. I admire your candor. It’s a hard thing to be honest about, but it sounds like you have a wonderful support network around you of loving people, and wherever you are, on the same continent or the other side of the world, you’ll be in my prayers as well.

    Have a wonderful inward journey.

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      1. I, too, have often spent time in the desert. That is why the following verse brings me much comfort “…if we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot disown himself” (2 Timothy 2:13). It doesn’t matter how we feel – He will always remain faithful.

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