T -3 to Nut House Admission

I’ll check in Tuesaday to an in-patient depression treatment program for 4-6 weeks.

This post has a punchline – hang with me to the end, it’s short.

Feeding my addiction while I’m gone is what’s on my mind today. The admission person said just bring enough meds for the drive there. They have a pharmacy on sight and will provide meds during my stay.

Now I’m thinking, probably dual diagnosis drug junkies think about dumping out capsules of Prozac and filling with whatever they fancy. So I can see why the hospital doesn’t want a whole bunch of crazies bringing their own pills.

But drugs is not my habit. What I’m concerned about, fellow bloggers and WP stat junkies are my views, likes and followers over the next 6 weeks!!

I’ve been saving up posts (holding out on you really) so I can schedule a few posts and get some attention while I’m gone.

I need help I know!!

Otherwise chill day. Football this morning and wedding this afternoon.

Grace and peace!



  1. we’ll be here when you get back though hopefully by then you won’t need us. but i’ll miss you all the same. i might just drive up and visit! they probably wouldn’t let me leave, just assign me a room…

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