T -4 days to admission

If you read my post In-Patient Treatment a Go then you know why I bought this nice new pair of [laceless] Skechers!

Next week I’ll enter a month long inpatient treatment facility for depression. I’m looking forward to going. I look forward to times away. I recognize this isn’t healthy, but it’s true.

Therapy appointment coming up this morning. My “friend” Dr. S is all over me (In a therapeutic way!) She asked me last time if I want to stay married? “Not always”

Is the reason you stay married because of religious beliefs? “Partly, my parents have been married for over 50 years. I have a fundamental belief in marriage.”

Why did you get married? “How much time do you have? We had fun together, great sex, I felt a sense of obligation toward her and her kids after a while, I probably had some sort of savior complex seeing a woman in distress.”

I love my wife. I give her a bad rap on my blog because I don’t give you all the good stuff. She isn’t selfish, in fact she gives of herself in service to our family and others tirelessly.

Is there something called Emotionally Selfish? I wonder which one of us fits this title?

Well fellow bloggers and marital sanity enthusiasts, this is not at all the direction I was intending to take this morning.

This should be enough fodder to satisfy your insatiable appetite for at least a little while!



  1. I applaud you Chris for sharing your life and journey/struggle with not only your mental health issues but your intimate family life as well. I must say, you’re a much braver person than I could ever be in this regard.

    Wishing you nothing but the best,


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      1. Got yeah!

        Still, it’s a lot to share online but I know you’re helping others through your journey.

        Chris… have a good weekend.


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  2. If you love her don’t throw it away. Life always seems greener on the other side.
    Then again you will know when it is over. So don’t cling onto something that is already lost.
    I struggle with getting older and life becoming mundane. I mix these feelings up with my feeling for my partner. I love her and I know it isn’t her that makes me feel like life is not so exciting.
    We need to find that spark again, challenge ourselves again (in a positive way). Maybe if we can find a spark we can create that enticing fire in our lives again.
    Good look with the trip away, wishing you well. R.

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