Why Not Ask For Help? Draw Near!


On a scale of 1 to 10 how close is your relationship with God right now?

 [ 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 ]

In a year where would you like that number to be? _______

What is standing in the way of progress?

Why don’t we simply pray and ask God to remove those obstacles? 


James 4:8

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. James 4:8




  1. i’m drowning. you know that. you are too. i’ve allowed the space between me and God to grow because…i can’t seem to face Him. even though i know Him, know all about Him, i’ve never had to trust Him through a difficult time. until now, i’ve never lived through a difficult time. one of my fears is that He won’t be enough. you are suffering and still clinging to God, so i’ll ask you and hope that you’ll be honest…in this dark time, in your pit…is God enough?


    1. I know that I don’t present as the “purest” of people and I suppose it might be surprising that I claim to have a relationship with God, but I do. It’s grown a bit distant lately (my doing) but I’m trying to close the gap now. I really believe in trusting Him. I cannot count the times and ways I’ve been helped through the scariest times. When I was younger, before I had medication and therapy, I actively struggled with being suicidal. The only reason I never actually attempted is because of my faith and crying out to Him all the time. But He also sent me help in the form of others helping me become aware that I needed help, like therapy and medication, on top of praying. He’s listening, He cares and He is there. But we have to stop and listen to His whispers.

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      1. Yes, that’s when I feel him the most. (Going through this now, actually) But it’s also when I’m calling and leaning on him most. And being consistent in my time with him. Because I’ve realized that I’ve been trying to do it on my own and it hasn’t been working. So I go to him because I have no where else to turn and I give it all to him. And somehow he’s helped me through. Be it by sending me a sense of internal peace, a perfectly timed message, a listening ear, an unexpected friend, a breakthrough, it goes on. But it’s not always immediate, sometimes he is in the silence, and we also have to pursue helping ourselves as well.

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      2. Agreed on all samlobos! I think (actually I know) that the distance between God and us is our own doing. And I know much of the distance I have is my own doing. And I agree that secular therapy and medicine is can definitely be part of the solution.

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      3. I love it when God is at work!! Just Got home from church and one of the passages the pastor preached on was James 4:8!! Sermon was based on Ecclesiastes 1 – meaningless meaningless, everything is meaningless. A sermon preached for me!

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  2. To answer your question “Why don’t we simply pray. And ask God to remove those obstacles?” – for me it is because I would have to give up control. Even when those obstacles are damaging to me, they are familiar and I feel at least some measure of comfort from allowing them a place in my life. If I don’t focus on and internalize the fact that I’m a new creation in Christ, it’s easy to think those obstacles themselves define who I am.

    I need to remember how it was when I finally stopped smoking for good. I had to first convince myself that I was only going to not smoke for today and could choose to smoke again tomorrow. There was no way I could accept the notion of not ever smoking again. So, I just let one day gradually become another and slowly stopped being so focused on the desire. (Have to admit that if you’re looking for me in heaven, though, I’ll probably be in the smoking section.)

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  3. I’m not religious but here I go:
    How close am I now – 10 as close as I can be.
    I know I’ll still be a 10 in the future.

    What are the obstacles – none
    I don’t need to break them down, I just know.

    Why do I say this? I don’t believe in the bible or a Lord. I believe there is something and it is all around in everything I do and see. I’m not perfect but I try and do good in the majority of things I do. Therefore this is all around me. I don’t need to look or find it because I know it is there.
    What I push out sits around me responding to me.

    Hope that makes sense (just a little bit).


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