Battle #4

Today’s Battle: LITTLE BY LITTLE 

This one was powerful for me! God makes changes, and moves in our lives, little by little sometimes. I have said this myself so many times to others, “If God opened our hearts and let us look in all at once we’d be overwhelmed!!!” Instead, he show us something, then allows us work on it. But it’s HIS agenda, not ours.

My mistake: I want to tell God what the priority is instead of trusting Him to tell me what the priority is.

I also know sometimes we all pray and want results NOW like Prayer is a magic wand, “EXPELLERAMIUS!!”

First He lets us suffer a little while. There is nothing like sitting in your own shit for a while to make us want to look for help and change in our lives.


well, i had a lot more written this morning, but now . . . .it’s gone. And quite frankly, this afternoon this is how i feel.


you can read it below – really quite good.

In the end – keep on keeping on. You are forgiven, He is there.





  1. Like what you highlighted. Certainly good stuff to ponder.

    I was talking to some good friends last week about how pride seems to be at the root of every single sin. It was convicting to discuss how even when we feel “less than” it is pride at work because Jesus said belief in Him makes us whole. Makes us “mire than.” Believing I know better than God is pride. No wonder God despises it.

    Patience is still not my friend, but goodness knows I’m not going to pray for it 😳

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