Monday Morning Updates on Chris

I felt like there were some outstanding items I need to clear up for the sake of your sanity, fellow bloggers and Looking for Chris enthusiasts (I KNOW that one is a stretch!!) I know you lay awake at night wondering how I am doing on certain topics I’ve written about, but you are just too shy to ask.

First: I quit being a quitter – the no caffeine thing lasted about 5 days and the no drinking thing – probably about the same. I do think that I have cut back on both – I KNOW this to be the case.  So . . . . moderate success and work in progress on this one. What can I say, I love beer and I love coffee.

Second: My wife and I are still in marriage counseling – though i haven’t posted an update for a while since we haven’t been in a while. We have an appointment next week.

Third: I’m still on the Fat Boy (and the Slow Boy) program at work. I sort of quit updating my Workout Log, but rest assured I am working out. I logged 10 miles running in the last week (not stellar, but it’s 3 runs over 3 miles each) plus a day with weights. The down side: I haven’t lost ANY weight. This is a problem!! I just love beer too much. And food too!

My son, The Sailor (who i haven’t let you meet yet – but perhaps you will meet his this week), asked me how my training was coming. He gets it because he’s in the Navy – I told him, “So, So.” He asked with a little chuckle and a worried tone. “What are you going to do? Won’t they kick you out [of the Army]?” My response, ” I guess I haven’t thought that through very well.”

Which brings me to #4: Depression Sucks. I don’t feel like doing much, and more importantly perhaps, I can’t really think ahead or problem solve too well. But I am actively looking for solutions.

Finally, fellow bloggers and curiosity enthusiasts. Don’t be so shy!! When you are laying (or is it lying?) awake at night worried about me and wondering what is up in my life, just ask!! Remember, I’m an open book.

Grace and peace!



  1. Ok, so none of my business and I am a new follower, but it seems like you’re trying to do alot of the right things. So what about meds? Are you on any anti depressants and if yes what’s been the result and if no, why not?

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    1. I have been taking some sort of anti-depressant since the summer of 2012. I was feeling good at one point last year and quit (Rookie mistake I know) and crashed about 3 months later. Right now i am taking 40 Mg of Prozac daily. I take it at night bc if i don’t i can’t make it throug the day without really crashing hard (like zombie tired). I think it’s too much actually. I was taking 20mg and increased in May or June to 40. I think instead of increase he should have decreased. But what do i know. I just feel like it’s poison. Mentally it helps, but causes really bad lethargy.


      1. I’m not an expert. At all. I know the meds can take a while to get adjusted and it does seem like you’re probably taking too much if you’re lethargic. I take 20 mg of fluxotene each day. Generic prozac. It really seems to be right, but I think it took a long time to really have an effect on me and when it did, it was great. Don’t ever stop pressuring the docs to get it right. If you’re too lethargic it’s the wrong dose or the wrong med. Be your own best advocate and don’t settle for “what do I know he’s the expert.” You are the expert when it comes to your body and your feelings.

        Sorry. Don’t mean to get on a soap box. Just wondered. I’ve been thru it, including the stopping when I felt good. Wrong! I have a chemical imbalance. I’m taking it til I die.

        Good luck Chris. Don’t ever give up. You seem like too good of a person to give up on yourself.



      2. Thanks Leigh!! I think when they increased perhaps it would have been better to decrease. I was taking 20mg last summer and quit bc it was making me tired. Not surprised I believe that 40 is making me lethargic.


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