I Love Me!! 

I want to see YOUR post based on the “I Love Me!” Challenge I posted to Sunday Sundries!! 

I’m a few in, but here goes! 

I have really pretty blue eyes and a great smile!! 

I have served our nation in the military for 10 years. 3 years enlisted and 7 years as an officer – all on active duty. 

I run and work out regularly. I can run about 4 miles comfortably. I can swim a mile non-stop in 40 minutes – I’m 46! 

I graduated from one of the top business schools in the nation (Indiana University) with distinction. I have a Master of Divinity which is 90 graduate credits plus another 27 graduate level classes in counseling. 

I have two children biologically. One is in the Navy and the other at Purdue University. I also adopted two children from my wife’s first marriage and now have three grandchildren and our oldest daughter living with us. By my count, I am raising or have raised 7 kids, only 2 I made. They are all awesome!! 

I have a near genius IQ

I’ve been married 23 years – we’ve made mistakes, it’s hard but I keep after it.

I own a house and make a comfortable living. 

I normally have a positive personality and have helped hundreds of people in their marriages, lives and faith.

I just passed 100 posts, have reached  1337 likes (elite) and have 230 something followers on WP.

Most importantly, my place in heaven is secure. I know Jesus died for me and I have been buried with him in baptism. I have faith in His love for me and His saving grace! 

God Loves Me So I Do Too!! 



      1. it’s really not funny. sorry. i say the dumbest shit all the time. if you’re going to be friends with me then you’ll have to learn to be very forgiving. i don’t know why God forgot to give me a filter.

        i’m glad you love yourself. it’s really hard for me. i’m better at tearing myself down. and i find it impossible to forgive myself and even harder at the moment to accept God’s forgiveness.


      2. Laughing is fine! I’ve been trying to come up with something clever. Like, the pipes all work, but the hot water heater doesn’t heat up.

        It’s funny I can run down a while list of great stuff about me, and still be miserable. I guess I’m more miserable in the world!

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  1. Have you been tested for low testosterone? A family member had to be tested a few times before a doctor finally gave him a low dose. That prescription changed his life. His interest in sex came back, he was less tired and he was emotionally happier.

    Rachel, I know you are chatting with Chris but I always joke, too, that God forgot my filter. I try soooo hard, but at least my friends know where they stand with me!

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  2. You are literally the only Christian who hasn’t made me want to scream or cry these last 15 months. That may not seem like much, especially coming from me, but I just wanted to thank you. In fact, many things you have written have helped me more than you know. I’m glad you exist my friend ❤

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