Accept Yourself


Today it’s all about seeing the good in ourselves and in our day!   Raw biblical truth from my new friend and kindred spirit Rachel:

It’s time to start accepting our current selves. it’s time to start acknowledging the person we are right now. it’s time to start giving our selves some effing credit for surviving this shit we go through everyday. it’s time to praise ourselves and find our value again. this is what i’ll do today on my blog. think you can do it too? think you can turn down the volume for a minute on all the negative self talk we harass ourselves with everyday and take a minute to be proud of who we really are? [emphasis added]

The challenge is out there! God has blessed us all richly – let’s acknowledge him and thank him today!! 


Check Rachel’s blog out here she writes from some deep emotional places I seek to find in myself. You won’t be disappointed! 




I'm an open book - would love to hear your thoughts!

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