Death Looms Everywhere

Hiding out (see my last post) didn’t work too well. I’m on call and last night had 

  1. idiot who told his girlfriend he wanted to kill himself then quit taking her calls. Police called to that one – he was sufficiently embarrassed – I don’t mess around. 
  2.  the real tragedy of the night was a young man who was shot and killed – at least two families involved and I was knee deep in it all. There is a mom who woke up without her son this morning. 
  3. driving home at 1:30am from incident #2, a guys calls crying because his life is falling apart. 

Before all this I went to a 9/11 remembrance ceremony.made me sad and angry at the evil in the world!! 

Trying to sleep it off on Saturday afternoon. Why is there so much suffering?? 




  1. Wow, that’s incredibly hard to deal with, especially when you are already struggling with depression yourself. Today is about taking care of you and doing what feels good. Hope you get to recover from that difficult night.

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    1. Thanks brother. The evil pisses me off!! The people don’t. They are deceived and lacking truth in their lives.

      I was so angry at the 9/11 remembrance yesterday! I almost shouted out FUCK YOU to those who would think it ok to bring suffering and hate to our hearts.


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