Battle #3

Today is about knowing God is there all the time. In rough waters and hot coals it’s easy to think we are alone. 

The Israelites were in the desert for 40 years on what should have been a 10 day journey because they had a “desert mentality.” They didn’t think the land of promise belonged to them. They didn’t think God was there to give it to them. 

Don’t quit today! Choose life, choose to trust God, and believe in the promise that he gives life and light!! 

Hard, YES! Impossible, NO!! 



    1. Yes my wife and I saw it a couple of weeks ago and loved it! IMHO it is the best one they (Kendricks) have done yet. In fact we ordered the small group Bible study and are going to do it this fall with the group we lead.

      Thanks for the reminder on the power of prayer!!!! Such an easy thing to do …… And to neglect!!!!

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