I Like To Beat My Wife Up . . .

. . . in the mornings. It just changes the whole routine if she gets up earlier than I do. Usually I wake up between 4:30 and 5:00 in the morning, have some coffee, check in with you fellow bloggers and late night writers, and then get out the door to work-out about 5:45 before anyone wakes up.

Today, it wasn’t to be. I made myself a cup of morning joe from the Keurig (ya, that whole “I Quit” thing lasted about a minute), let the dogs out and back in, set my Bible study out (since none of you saw fit to admit in regards to my creepy post yesterday), then walked to the outhouse.  When I came back to the kitchen . . . SHE was there!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! WIFE UP EARLY!! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!

Marie, (my wife lover(?) and nemesis) likes routine too, so since she was up early it meant she was out of routine. YIKES – a woman out of routine is like . . . what? I can’t even think of anything so frightening!

She turned around and right there on her face was a slight smile.  I breathed a cautious sigh of relief, tried to mask the feelings of terror and disappointment (she was invading my personal time and space remember), and then we actually had a nice morning. Hu! – I didn’t expect that outcome.

WHEW!! Crisis Averted!!

and now just for fun  . . . pictures of alarm clocks – scroll to the bottom there is a special surprise!

818kGmg0fFL__SL1500_ 900px-Draw-an-Old-Fashioned-Alarm-Clock-Step-8 alarmclock Bell-Alarm-Clock-19280818648 Draw-an-Old-Fashioned-Alarm-Clock-Step-15


SPECIAL SURPRISE: Link to “How to Draw an Old Fashioned Alarm Clock.” This website is LEGIT!! I tried it and look at the first two drawings I made. THESE ARE NOT PHOTO SHOPPED OR ALTERED IN ANY WAY!!!! That’s right, fellow bloggers and alarm clock drawing enthusiasts, these are originals from the hand of yours truly!



Old Fashioned Alarm Clock Drawing by Chris

Old Fashioned Alarm Clock Drawing by Chris


Cartoon Alarm Clock by Chris

Cartoon Alarm Clock by Chris


Lesson for today: Sometimes you just have to go crazy!! God is Good!!




  1. out of routine!?! ahhhhh!!!! gotta gotta gotta get my quiet ‘me’ time in the morning! nice alarm clocks by the way. i didn’t know you were so talented. i see i have much to learn about chris. 😉

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      1. hahahahahahhhaaaaa!!!! that sucks! my husband actually put a sticky note on the door of the wine fridge that says, “rachel’s meds. drink one and call me in the morning.”

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  2. Routine is so important to me and it’s nice to see other people who take it as serious as me. I’m glad you was able to avoid a crisis and still have a great day. Also I’m jealous of your raw art talent. Thanks Chris


    1. today she was up early too. I had said something later in the day yesterday in a nice way. So today she left me alone, but still, a comment every 5 minutes, “need more coffee?” “what are you reading?” Mornings are not my friend – i like ALONE 🙂


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