ABOUT CHRIS before change 9/9/2015

This was on my ABOUT page before I updated it – nothing new if you read it before.


The “Looking for Chris” blog has purpose. I do have a plan and I am working it! I started 2015 with a very general goal: Strong Mind, Strong Body! I know these contribute to my overall interaction with everything else. But how to get there?

First, I exploit professional resources. Doctors (and their drugs), therapists, a couple of strong mentors, even marriage counseling and lots of prayer. I use them all!

Next, I went into the year with a very basic plan to work myself back to a constant healthy place. Initially the plan was read 12 books – one per month – and run a marathon. These might seem like one very easy and one very hard goal, but it’s what I thought I could achieve. My results by summer time have been mixed.

Here’s my progress:

Workout Log

2015 Book List

On Reading . . . I had such a hard time concentrating on anything and felt like I had not done much reading at all since I finished grad school in 2008. For a while I justified this by thinking I just needed some rest after reading and writing for four years straight. Not reading became a habit. I decided it doesn’t matter what books I read, I just need to start reading, and I have been pretty successful at this.

I have also been reading my Bible a lot more and getting back to a regular reading and prayer habit which I definitely let slip the last couple of years. I also read YOUR GREAT BLOGS if you follow me or like me (if you don’t, then I don’t know who you are which is a bit sad). So reading is going well. AND I started writing this blog in April 2015 – something not planned, but I am very pleased that I have been writing.

On Running . . . My plan has changed. I won’t say I have failed at this goal, but rather revised. I had run ½ marathons (13.1 miles) in past years, so I thought I’d train to run a half in the Spring this year, and then a full 26.2 miles in the Fall. I started training with my son (The Graduate) in December 2014 and we enjoyed some great runs together. He ran more and farther than he ever had before in his life. But he started to get overwhelmed by the intensity of the training schedule and didn’t want to do the long runs (NO I DO NOT HAVE AN INTENSE TRAINING SCHEDULE). Then, I started skipping my runs if he didn’t run, and my ½ marathon plan fell to the wayside.

But I have not stopped training (I’m in the military so have to keep going, though this is not my strongest area). I try to work out 5 days a week, and usually am pretty successful at getting in 5 workouts a week though sometimes not all M-F. I do need to create a specific goal so I can continue on making good progress.

UPDATE 7/20/15

My new goal is to lose 10 pounds as quickly as possible (below 200). Like in 2 weeks. After this I was to see if I can get back in the 180’s range. Last week I weighed at 117 lbs two days in a row which is the most I have ever weighed. This weekend I was at 111 lbs. I think the 117 was a lot of crap retained from July 4th events (eating, drinking, etc.). Clarity – 200 by 7/31?!?!

I have not really been running much, rather doing circuit training, just started Cross Fit, swimming, and yoga.



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