Was It Really? The Time Of Your Life??

Well fellow bloggers and summer loving enthusists, it’s over. I know the Autumnal Equinox is not yet upon us, but really how many times have you used that term in your life? 

Does anyone care about the Autumnal Equinox when marking the end of summer? NO!! We all know that for kids the end of summer is the start of school and for the rest of us it’s today, Labor Day. 

Make sure you put your white pants in the back of the closet and get those pastels dry cleaned for next year. The summer dress, short shorts (which I’m glad were back), are soon a thing of the past. At least we’ll still have yoga pants this winter! 

So was this summer the time of your life?? Did you dance your heart out? Fall in love? Grow up? Make tough moral decisions? 

I guess what will make the summer of 2015 memorable for me is the movement toward change. As I say in my About page – in many ways I’m on the top of the world, but at the bottom of my game. This is the summer of transition, of discovery, of looking for Chris and trying to reinvent the game (still searching) and getting closer. 

I’ve done a lot: started some serious marriage counseling, made good progress in personal therapy, I know I wore the screen out on my iPhone writing blog posts (yes most are done on my iPhone 5!), read some good books, laid out at the pool, did some running, dropped our son off at college, added our daughter and her family BACK into our home, and met our newest grandson. (And probably other stuff I can’t remember!) 

Not sure there will be a song about this one – it was no summer of ’86, but memorable nontheless.

What about YOU? What made this summer the time of YOUR life? How will you remember the summer of 2015? 



  1. this summer has been (pardon my french) total shit. if i wasn’t on the floor crying or spazzing out in a panic attack… i was drunk. just trying not to feel because i feel way too much. but like you, it’s also been a time of change. i started a blog, started therapy, i went back to bible study, i’m working out like a fiend and desperately trying to get better. i’m not, definitely not having the time of my life but i am, definitely am looking forward to a peaceful autumn.

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