“Normal” Day

It’s hard to say what normal is anymore – or maybe I never knew. 

I appreciate many of you, fellow bloggers and truth tellers, setting me straight yesterday after I was whining. Did someone call the WHAMBULANCE?! Yesterday what I realized, at your doing fellow bloggers, is I need to not whine, but frame things more factually, and look at the positives. 

What I’m going to try to do is to write every day about how I’m feeling that day and activities – as a log for myself. This might be boring for you or might be insightful – I don’t know. But it’s part of Looking For Chris. I need also to look for the positives, and perhaps more important, look for the lessons. 

I appreciate you keeping me on task!! 


Today was actually a good day. I woke up about 7 – and sat outside with my wife and we had some coffee. Earlier in the week we had talked about going for a hike this morning so we set out for a nature preserve nearby and did a 4.4 mile hike!  

Feeling exuberant we went to a new BBQ place in town and I had a salad and a 2 rib side. PLUS we ordered. Pitcher of beer (it was 11:30am – don’t judge).

Came home and took a 20 minute nap – the gold standard of power naps, smoked a cigar, played in the yard a bit with the dogs and kids and laughed a lot. ðŸ‘ðŸ‘

I think I’ve written before about the produce co-op we’ve been ordering from called Bountiful Basket – I ordered $60 worth of fresh produce this week!! Lol this takes a minute to clean and cut and bag and freeze (and usually to research on the internet some odd thing we’d never seen – this week it was cactus pears)

So now I’m pretty spent. My wife went into work for a couple hours tonight. Before she left she seemed annoyed I was just chilling on the back deck. Hmm



1) a good workout to start the day is always helpful! 

2) beer for lunch doesn’t seem detrimental (I won’t stand by this one) 

3) my wife’s attitude one direction or the other can really affect me! What I owe us both is to clarify this point – I ASSUME she is irritated at me, but I don’t know. We are great at the passive aggressive game! 

4) writing is awesome!! 


I'm an open book - would love to hear your thoughts!

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