What Do Guys Love in the Morning!? ;-)

That’s right fellow bloggers and cigar enthusiasts! We love a good smoke! 

I know some of your minds went STRAIGHT for the gutter! I can hear the women rant, “Oh you men and the morning romp! Ugh!” HAHAHAHA – sorry to disappoint.


As you can probably tell I’m feeling better today. I have a 4-day weekend!!! I LOVE the 4-day weekends!! The best benefit of military life!! Once a month we get a break! 

 I’ve really struggled the last couple of weeks but this morning I woke up with a burst of energy, walked the kids to school, had some coffee and now I’m doing what I love to do. 
  Can you read the Bible and smoke a cigar at the same time? YES!! Especially when it’s a cool September morning and everyone else is at school and work. 😎
Enjoy work and school fellow bloggers, paycheck earners and academics! Thanks for making the world go ’round!!

Check back later – I hope the euphoria lasts (and that I just called it euphoria should be a sign that maybe it won’t – but for now I hope!)




  1. Glad you are feeling better! It is exciting to be at the start of a long weekend feeling the world is yours!

    Although in good spot now, I have had a few bouts of major depression in the past and understand where you’re coming from. For the record, I’m also intelligent and educated and it truly never crossed my mind you are for dealing with depression. I find your honesty and transparency talking about things to be brave and encouraging.

    Also, for the record only of course, some women rather like morning romps. 😉

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  2. I typed “it truly never crossed my mind you are less than for dealing with…” but since I put brackets around less than WordPress hid it. Now, I am going to get coffee!!

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