Euphoria Gone

My wife just told me, “I’m a little concerned about trying to manage your lethargic behavior over a three day weekend.”

I guess that’s evidence the high from this morning is gone. Well, I did take a two hour map and have been dragging around since.

I felt better than normal this morning (probably the Prozac I forgot to take last night and took first thing). But the lethargy is par for the course in the afternoon.

What I did today: up at 7, coffee ad cereal then walked the kids to school. Read and smoked a cigar,then took my shirt off and got some sun. A little yard work, 30 minute C25K with my daughter, salad, nap, walked to get the kids from school, now just want to sleep.


I guess my wife doesn’t want me to lay around for 3 days – like I really want to feel this way. She has been very patient – I’m just frustrated with myself.



  1. Sounds like you did a lot for someone who’s suffering with depression. The more you feel bad for how you feel, the longer the depression will linger. You feel how you feel. It just is. Keep trying at a routine but don’t push yourself too much. You will get there. Baby steps.

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  2. Doesn’t sound like you were laying around?! You’ve written about some of the changes going on in your life and they have to be taking a good bit of mental energy – even the good changes. Please remember to cut yourself the same slack you would offer others! Long weekends spent on the couch watching Law & Order/Walking Dead/Say Yes to the Dress/Rocky 1-5 movie marathons can occasionally be just what we need to recharge. Can you guess which one of those shows does NOT recharge my husband?

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  3. Depression is the worst. I suffer from depression from time to time and my wife has said the same things to me. It’s really hard for people who dont understand depression to talk to people who are experiencing it. I’m sorry you are having a rough day. Just keep up the good fight

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      1. The things that have helped me out has been exercise, especially walking for hours and hours. Also smoking as well which i see you already do, lol. When it comes to my wife, I just try to educate her about how i feel and if she doesnt understand, I start exercising and i tell her, ill be back later. I never give her a time because as you well know, you never know when you will feel better. I hope this helped a little.

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  4. A suggestion: re-read the stuff you did, add “and I made my blog post,” and smile. You are doing good. I did a few things this morning, feeling pretty good about life, then felt a little crappy, took a nap and I’m sitting here reading blogs I follow and thinking I really need to be more productive with my weekends. Oh, and I haven’t made today’s blog post yet. I’d better stop commenting to others and work on that…

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