Things I Like and Don’t Like

Just thinking outloud trying to get a handle on healthy things that spark any interest – the list is slim. Do you have any ideas

Eating – yup almost always (but too easy to pack on the pounds) 

Drinking beer – yup always like eating and it takes away the blues for a while (but leaves me worse the next day – this is bad news)

Sex – eh, can take it or leave it (crazy Hu?)

Working out – eh, I feel better when I do, but really have a hard time starting and also pushing through. This is good when I do it.

Playing catch with my son – not so much, lose interest quickly – I used to like this.

Anything at work these days – ZERO interest

Sleeping – like it – or just laying in bed. This isn’t so beneficial 😴

Reading – sometimes, depends on concentration. Sometimes I can read for hours, but other times I can’t comprehend a thing.

Blogging – sometimes. Seems when I feel worse I can write, otherwise I have a hard time motivating myself to it. Sometimes I don’t see a point unless I don’t feel good. 

Conversation – I don’t like small talk. But I do like deep challenging conversations – if I can concentrate. I love talking to the therapists (maybe I’m narcissistic – but I don’t think it’s the case – I’m just interested in how crappy I feel and why) 

Small things around the house – actually this keeps me busy, and has a sense of accomplishment. I’m not talking about projects, but small like fill up the pond or fertilize the grass. 

Anything stimulating you can think of to help me out? 



  1. I tend to try out projects. Like art and craft stuff, but you could also try your hand at making something, even if it serves no purpose (like a birdhouse or shelf) other than to occupy your time without having to think much. There’s something cathartic about that.

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