I Think WordPress is my Imaginary Friend

One of my favorite Blogs on WP is The Modern Philosopher. Tonight he challenged readers to consider if they are dating their imaginary friend. It made me think, that YOU my fellow bloggers have become my imaginary friend. 

The exception is that in have never ordered a meal for you at a restaurant (yet). But I HAVE smoked a number of cigars and have drank gallons of beer with you on my back deck! 

You laugh at my silly jokes, tell me I’m smart and encourage me in many ways. You stay up late with me, and are there when I wake up. It seems you don’t sleep. You are sometimes sexy, sometimes smart, and sometimes funny yourself, but always attentive. 

I admit, the sex hasn’t been that good, but maybe we can work on that. 

(Thanks Austin for your silliness!)



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