Thank You For Your Service, but Please Don’t Stand Alone! 

Today I attended a ceremony for Soldiers who have finished their military service and are retiring from active duty. For most, this means over 20 years of service and multiple overseas/combat assignments. 

It’s a hard life. 

Some retirees had family with them. Some had parents, some their spouse and children. Two of the most senior ranked Soldiers stood alone and neither wore a wedding ring. Maybe there was a large party waiting at home, I don’t know their individual circumstance, but I was sad for them. I know so many who have sacrificed family for career and promotion. 
The friend I supported today had about 10 family members including his wife, children and parents. I know he is a man of strong faith. 

This is what I wrote to him after:

You are a blessed man!!! Amongst all the retirees you had by far the largest group of family and supporters! Way to end it well! 

Lesson to us all – if there is no one to stand with me at the end of my career, I have done it wrong!! 

Serve well, but please don’t stand alone!! 



    1. Yes. Same thing happens when we get home from deployment. Many families meet us when arriving, but not all. Imagine being gone to some horrendous place for a year and lot have anyone to hug you and hold you when you get home 😦


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