Wedding Anniversary #23

Marie and I had good day today.  We got up early and had coffee and talked on the back deck. We prayed together, then we took a bike ride – first one all summer. 

Marie made some awesome smoothies, then we did a little yard work and took a nap. 

We’ve been getting our produce from a co-op called bountiful basket (I’m sure some have heard of it in your area). We picked that up and came home and took care of $40 worth of produce (bagged, sliced, frozen, puréed to salsa, and of course some eaten).  This is kind of a fun activity for us – you don’t know what your going to get, so it’s a discovery time just identifying some of the produce items sometimes. 

Then Marie and I picked up some Coronas and a couple of sandwhiches at McAllister’s Deli and drove to a nearby lake to watch the sunset. We kisses a little and did an excercise from a marriage book we’ve been reading together, then headed home before we got struck by lighting from the storm rolling in.

One of the nicest days we’ve had in a while. Today we feel hopeful.


Mine is the club – Marie’s, grilled cheese (I promise she is an adult) 



  1. Glad to read that you both had a good day. Especially since it was your anniversary! Gotta confess I love grilled cheese, too. There is a place by us – which is part of a chain? – called The Melt. Every type of grilled cheese you can think of, plus some. It even has a grilled cheese happy hour between 4-6 😜

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