A Letter to the Judge: UPDATE

For the first time in almost 15 years we feel like we have our daughter back! Jamie got great news last week at her hearing. She was released from her probation and now has moved out of Indiana to live with us!

This was great news of course. She asked for help in April and came out in late may with her 5-year-old and 5 month old and spent most of the summer with us (also her 10-year-old lives with us already). I think in her mind it was a sort of trial. A dipping the toe in the water event. As you can probably infer, we have had a lot of relationship issues with her through her teen and early adult years. This summer seems like a turning point.

This week Jamie started taking classes at the local community college and is so excited she is moving forward in her life. Said recently that this year she is actually making progress toward all of her New Year’s resolutions. And this is in fact true. I know for years she has talked of going back to school, wanting to lose weight, to quit smoking and to find a way to better support her kids. She has been working on these with good progress and success already.

Even more importantly, we are all getting along well. We are working together, problem solving, bearing with each other through frustration, and laughing a lot.

We literally have gotten our daughter back! God is answering 15 years of prayers!! His timing is definitely not ours – but it is perfect. 

To leave you with a laugh, Jamie asked us recently, “What’s it like to have your kids grow up and move out on their own?”

My reply, ” How the hell should we know!?” We all had a good laugh!

I love you Jamie – welcome home!!

For the original letter read Letter to the Judge

For Jamie’s back story read Baby Mama, Hoosier Daddy



  1. That is awesome news Chris! Very happy for you, I know what I have gone through with my daughter and I can’t even imagine 15 years and see the struggles Jaime has been through. This just made my weekend!

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  2. So glad Jamie has moved away from a “bad news” area. Even if she wasn’t getting in trouble, I know from experience with my own family there is always someone who remembers you when they need a ride…like the one that got her in trouble, and for those who don’t believe the law is that cut & dry, it is…or something else that seems so benign but leads down a scary path. You don’t always see the danger when you’re in the middle of it. Let her know I’ve seen numerous others come out of jail & prison, not knowing where they’ll work or live or if their lives will be worth living, and over time things always turn around for those who wait (and wait, and wait…). I wish I had some before & after pictures to show her, because they truly do speak 1,000 words, good words. I’m following you & your family closely, Chris, you’ve got me praying for you!


    1. Belinda thank you again so much! You exactly understand the issue – a companion of fools suffers harm. She started out befriending troubled kids a long time ago, and got sucked into their world. Thank you for the encouragement and especially the prayers!

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