Sunday Sundries: Even God Has To . . . 

Sure God CAN do what he wants, but he MUST do WHO He is. God cannot help but be true to his nature which is perfect in every way. This is the definition of integrity for us, being true to who we are, the same inside and out. Be honest with yourself . . . 

The picture ? To be honest I love to take the kids to the pool, lay in the sun, and sometimes I see something beautiful. Just being honest . . . I’m not like God. I’m a man. 

I’m Chris, forgiven.




      1. Actually I meant the title “Sunday Sundries.” However, trusting God is a good policy if you can manage to do it, and ogling girls (or guys, as the case may be) can be an enjoyable pastime. Who me? Ogle anybody? I merely appreciate God’s handiwork.

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