A Letter to the Judge

Our daughter, Jamie, has a very important hearing this week to determine if she will be able to move out of state to live with us. For more on Jamie’s story see: Hoosier Mama 

SUBJECT: Jamie [Last Name] Probation Hearing, M….. County, IN  XX AUG 2015
Your Honor; 

I am Jamie’s father. Her mother, Marie, and I are long time Indiana residents and are currently living in Midwest USA where I am stationed with the Army. I serve as a [professional] in the United States Army, hold the rank of [super hero, second degree] and am stationed at Ft. Protection. We would greatly appreciate your favor in allowing Jamie to come and live with my wife and me our home. Our collective intention, along with Jamie’s, is to support her and her children while she attends college for the next 1-2 years. 

Jamie is our oldest child and we have watched her struggle with life for the past 12 years. Jamie is a very hard worker, intelligent, and personable. She sincerely desires to please others. She is also proud and does not like to depend on others. She has been determined to make her own way since she left home at 18 years old.

Jamie has not been able to adequately support herself or maintain a residence of her own since the birth of her third son in January 2015. She called us this spring and ask for assistance and has been very genuine and diligent in her efforts to make positive changes in her life. 

Jamie came to stay with us for a few weeks this summer, with the permission of her probation officer. During that time, she applied for admission to the Local Area Technical College, completed steps to attain financial aid, and has been accepted to enroll in business administration classes beginning this in two weeks. We have also provisionally enrolled her sons in elementary school near our home.

We have a large, single family home with four bedrooms and ample space for Jamie and her children. My wife works just a few hours a week outside our home and is planning on helping Jamie with child care while Jamie attends school and works part time.

Marie and I also have three children together in addition to Jamie. Jamie’s younger brothers are attending Purdue University, serving in the U.S. Navy, and working for the [Local] Parks Department respectively. With your permission we hope we can help Jamie to get on a path to support herself and her children again, and feel as though she is contributing to and benefiting our society.   

Please do not hesitate to contact either Marie or me should you have any further questions regarding this matter. 

Very Sincerely,
Looking For Chris 



  1. Jamie’s story touched my heart… I have a cousin who is currently caring 4 her granddaughter due to her adoptive daughter’s many troubles, so my heart is filled with joy & sadness to read your story as I hear my cousin’s struggles daily. Best of luck to all involved.

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  2. I’m glad to hear the spoiler alert. I haven’t read Jamie’s story, but simply knowing she’s on probation and has to petition the court to leave the state tells me enough. She has barriers to get back on her feet again, and those barriers are hard to overcome. It can be done, though! God bless all of you. I can tell by your posts you have a sense of humor, so important in times like this.

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