Moving On by Being Still: You Wrote It Wednesday


You Wrote It Wednesday: If you make me laugh out loud or cry inside (my eyes don’t actually cry) . . . my own better version of Freshly Pressed. Because YOU are awesome!!! 


write it down let it go

It’s August, y’all.  My house isn’t ready to be sold, my daughter’s not quite in college, the ring I designed to incorporate my garnets and engagement diamond into a family ring has been at the jeweler’s since May, I’m not quite over my separation, divorce, or work troubles, or loneliness, bitterness, or vindictiveness.


Everything’s lying dormant.  It’s the dog days, I guess.  Nothing’s wrong, but nothing’s stepping forward from the lineup to volunteer to be resolved.

That’s okay.  I can wait.  I have to wait. And by enjoying this pause, I can move on by being still.

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