Too Fat AND Too Slow!

Who would have thought that as a person gets fatter, his run time might get slower!! I wrote last week that my boss thinks I’m too fat to work here and I need to lose it or lose it (lose weight or lose your job!)

NOW they want me to run faster than I can run. Yep, every six months everyone (well almost everyone) in the Army (that’s my full-time job in case you hadn’t already deduced this) has to take a physical fitness test. Because I’m 46, my test is a bit easier than guys half my age, but still hard for me.

So I’m bummed out today because I ran my two miles in 18:56 and my slowest time to pass had to be 18:43. Now I need to speed up or get out!! That’s right fellow bloggers and national defense enthusiasts, we want our military to be in tip top fighting condition. Not just thin, but fast and strong (I have no issues with the push-up or sit-up events of this test) and right now this blogger is not thin or fast.

This is me 5 years ago at the end of a race. Not thin then, but probably 20 pounds lighter than today.

As it turns out, the fatter I get, the slower I get. Hu! Who woulda thunk it?!?! You can see from my workout page that I at least try to work out on a regular basis. And I’ll tell you fellow bloggers and fitness enthusiasts, I work HARD when I get out there! It’s getting up to get those running shoes on and out the door that is hard. Once I’m out the door or on the mat or in the gym or the pool I hit it pretty hard.
Now I have to devise a new plan. You do remember that The Graduate is starting his freshman year at Purdue this fall and our daughter the Baby Mama just moved back in with her kids? This blogger has GOT to keep bringing home the bacon ‘cause Purdue ain’t cheap and those grandbabies like to EAT!!

Liking to eat, that is the underlying problem here. I don’t like to eat, I LOVE to eat. You all know the joke about the “seefood diet”? I see food and I eat it!!

I have 3 months to get the run time down OR ELSE!! I also have to make steady progress on the weight loss each month. So, if I can drop about 15-20 pounds (I have no idea what this is in Kg for you metric bloggers out there) in the next 3 months I will be golden again on all fronts. Plus I will just look a whole lot sexier when I’m at the pool or beach in my Speedo!!

Here is my rough plan: I already eat breakfast every day – usually a bowl of bran flakes (or oatmeal in the winter) with soy milk. This won’t change. I also usually have something small post work-out like a banana, or a protein bar. I think this too is OK. Lunch doesn’t usually cause any problems. My normal go-to is a 6” Subway sandwich. I always choose wheat bread and normally get either ham or just plain veggie and I very rarely get cheese (like once every 3 months). I get some low fat dressing like vinegar on veggie (no oil) or jut yellow mustard on ham, and I load up all the veggies (and no avocado).

So far so good half way through the day, right?

THEN, I get home at night and I like to eat a lot. Pretty much from the time I get home to the time I to go to bed I am grazing. A couple bites of whatever is cooking for dinner before it’s served, then a large dinner, some crunchy salty snacks at some point (I love the crunchy salty snacks!!) and if the kid’s didn’t get to it first then hopefully we have some ice cream!! THEN I go to bed and it all just turns to . . . you guessed it fellow bloggers and nutrition enthusiasts . . . all that food becomes a slower run time!

My changes have to be: The obvious which is cut out the snacking in the evening. My wife usually makes fairly healthy dinners, and she is vested in this as well, so a moderate and healthy dinner is usually not an issue. The other change is to add a snack in the afternoon. An apple, or Slimfast drink or something like this. I think this will help me from digging in when I get home because I am starving. If I can replace 500 calories of snacks at night with 100-200 calories in the afternoon I think I will be a winner. Then, NO SNACKS at night time, especially after dinner.

I already drink a lot of water. I already quit drinking alcohol. I already workout most days of the week.(I am resuming a modest caffeine habit again to aid in this quest)

Ah, the other thing I need to do is take a walk at night!! I hope every day to either swim at lunch or walk 30 minutes at night after dinner. This is in addition to my regular workouts.

I am confident these changes will do the trick and offer 1-3 pounds of weight loss (and a few seconds off that run time) every week.

The thing that concerns me, which i am having such a hard time overcoming, is my general apathy. As I’ve said, most days i just don’t give a shit. This is the depression that just doesn’t care what i do or who it hurts or what the ramifications are. I need to talk to my doctor about this before 3 week from now which is when my next appointment is.

I’m open to suggestions . . .



      1. When I lost a lot of weight a few years ago it was strictly from walking and cutting out junk food. I ate better than the average bear when it came to meals but still did indulge in the unhealthy stuff, i.e fried foods, but walked enough that it didn’t hurt my waistline. I would look forward every day to seeing if I lost another pound or two. Good Luck man!

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  1. Exercise makes a huge difference for me, both for weight loss and depression — but both are hard, Clearly you’ve got the exercise in place. Clearly you’ve got a good plan. Remember depression lies to you. Good luck!

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