Am I Lost?? A Crack in the Universe?

I am confused and potentially have been trough a time warp!! 

First as a side note (because sometimes the notes are more important than the article): I am reminded from time to time of the end credits song on the movie Napoleon Dynamite. 🎶 I Love technology, but not am much as I love you, you see🎶. If you haven’t seen it in a while fellow bloggers and Napolean Dynamite enthusists then treat yourself.

I promise it will make you laugh, and laughing always feels so good! (If you have never seen the movie, you have missed a really funny sweet story – it’s PG and you will laugh and maybe cry at this poor nerdy high school kid. Trust me! Have I ever steered you wrong?) 

But this post is about being fat and slow and technology and my workout log all wrapped into one. (Oh ya, and a worm hole too

I went for a nice long (not sure how long) walk yesterday for 1 hour 10 minutes and 41 seconds. Yes exactly 1:10:41. But I don’t know how far I went. 

Check out these two pictures. One from Garmin Connect app loaded from a Garmin Forerunner 220. The other from Map My Walk app on iPhone 5s. See the problem!?!?!

Garmin app


Map My Walk app


Did you see it? If not go back and look at the time and distance again. 

Both obviously recorded the same walk yesterday but with a very significant distance difference. The distance was consistently off so that every 1/2 mile it was a slightly larger gap. 

There are only two possibly solutions: 1) one of the devices is not accurate or 2) I actually walked through is a crevice of the time/space continuum. 

I rather like the second answer better!! 

Not to scare you fellow bloggers and gadget enthusiasts, but there is either a crack in the foundation of the universe, or one of these widely used and highly popular devices is grossly inaccurate. 

I had never used map my walk before. But this app seems to work on the same platform as Map My Run which I have used extensively for several years. 

The Garmin I got last winter and have logged about 150 miles running on it.

Now check this out: when the Garmin info loaded into the Map My Walk app you can see the exact same route and a different distance!! 


Fellow bloggers and cardio enthusiasts, you have just entered:   “The Twilight Zone”! 

Worse yet, I have lost all faith in GPS technology! 


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