The Camel I Never Saw: Funny and True Story of my Cover Photo

No kidding there I was. In an armored vehicle in Afghansitan on an 8 hour convoy. I could only see out the tiny side window of our vehicle and was staring at open desert forever. Then, in the distance I saw this tree. It was so far off I watched it for a while.  We talked about it in the truck – I thought it was interesting, in all the miles this one tree stood there alone. 

(You might recognize this as my header photo)


This is how bored I was. I started thinking well, I might as well take picture of that tree. So with my iPod I snap a picture and this is what I got!! 

No Joke!!! I didn’t even see this camel! We were traveling pretty fast down a paved highway. I raised the camera, took a picture of the tree, and this camel on the side of the road photobombed! 

Perfect picture of the camel I never saw!!

This guy saw it all transpire and can validate my incredible story of war (I do get that he doesn’t add a lot of credibility) 


It’s Monday afternoon, no caffeine since Saturday night – I’m feeling very sluggish!! 

 Have a great day! 😬



  1. Good story! It’s the perfect example of those times we get so focused on something that we miss the obvious (blessings) right in front of us.


  2. I rather be photobombed than roadside bombed. I hope I can say that. I’m an OEF Veteran too. I used to pass the time walking from the hut to work by kicking a small rock and counting off paces as to how far I kicked it. Records broken daily. I really liked your story.

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