Blah Blah Blogging

I wonder why I like to blog when I’m feeling blah. Maybe it’s like going in my room when I was a kid and talking to my imaginary friend (that’s normal for a little kid right?) :-/

Maybe you all (I’m not from anywhere we say ya’ll, though I have been places they say ‘youins’ – pronounced ‘you -ins,’ as in, “Youins are like my imaginary friend.)

Ok now that that is all out of he way, it’s been a blah day, I stayed late at work and took a nap on my floor before coming home. Now I can’t wait until I can crawl into bed.

I have been thinkng maybe I have some bad reaction to alcohol. I’ve been paying attention to this lately. I had a beer and a glass of wine last night is all. Wine at about 6 and a beer at about 10. I wonder if there is such a thing as developing a reaction or allergy of sorts to alcohol? 

What I feel like is crying . . . and sleeping. But I’ll just do the later. 




  1. I think it was something about yesterday to be honest..shall we name it black Friday. I felt very despondent on the way home, the weight of the world just got a little too big for my shoulders.

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      1. No idea. I am always ready for sleep. I slept hard for 2 hours this afternoon. I take Prozac of depression and I think it makes me tired. Kind of counterproductive. The psychiatrist told me to drink coffee. Lol not kidding

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      2. I believe it lol. I take EffexorXR n Pamelor. I wake up feeling like I’m in a drug induced stupor. Finally dr prescribed small dose of adderall because it also keeps my meds working. I have treatment resistant depression. Just that little bit of adderall changed my life.

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      3. It’s frustrating as heck. I quit cold turkey about a year ago because I was feeling good except for the side effects. Haha you can guess what happened. By December I was back at the doctor and finally started feeling a month ago.

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      4. It is frustrating. I can’t quit. It’s just crying 24/7. And I don’t mean boohoo. I’m talking the body shaking, hyperventilating sobbing for absolutely no friggin reason lol. Fun times!!!

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      5. Still think I should – I’m a procrastinator as well! I just haven’t wanted to have the conversation, or do the work to clean it up first. There are probably some things I’ve written she wouldn’t appreciate


      6. I’m actually thinking of an option to tell her but to just let her know I have it in case she finds it, but to tell her it is just for me. But I don’t know how that would go over. Not well I think. Part of it is I have set up an email account just for this blog. And that is a no no in our marriage. Secret email accounts.


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