How’s my look? 

I want to know what you think? 

I started to blog for myself. I imagined a diary (or I guess men have journals, right?) to organize thoughts, goals, etc. Instead I’ve entered a world of conversation, dialogue and useful debate and have found such value from the interaction here!!!
Therefore I am very interested in you and making your experience on my site a good one. I’ve been messing with theme and widgets, pages etc. Please let me know what you like, what you hate and anything else you can think of? 



  1. I love how your blog looks. And I really like your posts too. And the fact that you keep posting. I too started this blog for myself, but hardly ever get the time to write anything. The time I do get is spent in procrastinating. Anyway, nice meeting you 🙂

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  2. Now that you ask for feedback on your new site, I can’t remember what the old one looks like! I like the tag line, “every man’s journey through brokenness.” Was that there before? I like the top. The bottom is a little…uhm…dark. I do like the white lettering, though, so I probably could learn to live with it. Maybe you are just going through a “dark” period. I like the sidebar look. Overall, I’m a fan!

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    1. Thanks so much! I just had a very generically white screen and a WP standard header. The tag line I changed from “a 40 something trying to find myself.” I thought it was a bit redundant. Thanks so much for talking the time!! It’s a project of blogging 201


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