Cinco de Julyo & Rejected VBS Themes

   Christian Standard, July 2015

Is Cinco de Julyo a real thing? It is now fellow bloggers and VBS enthusists!! 

Today’s Sunday Sundries: 

Rejected VBS Themes!!

Fellow Bloggers, Christ lovers and VBS enthusiasts – what’s your favorite Rejected VBS Theme?? I like #1, 10 & 11 Maybe you have one of your own? (all in good fun please)

1) God’s Great Creation and how you’re messing it up.

2) It’s Only Grape Juice – sharing the Truth with your Catholic friends. 

3) Roll Up Your Sleaves and Let’s Clean The Church! 

4) God Can Do Anytiing – So Pray Away Your Peanut Allergy!

5) Journeys with Job

6) Heaven is for Rizzle; Rapping Through the Psalms

7) Vaccination Station; Get Your Measles Shot Already! 

8) Talking in Tongues by Tuesday

9) A Warrior After God’s Own Heart; Recreating the Battles of David*

10) Jesus Loves You, But He Doesn’t Like How You Behave

11) Everybody Dies

*bring your own sword

#sundaysundries #cincodejulyo

Enjoyed your Cinco de Julyo



  1. Learning About Jesus by studying The Life of Brian (a Monty Python production). “Blessed are the cheese makers. .. ”

    How to Gird Your Loins and other Fun Facts

    Leviticus: The Old Laws and how to do a proper animal sacrifice.

    Sampson and Delilah: why women and haircuts are evil.

    I could go on all day! Cheers!

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  2. Let’s not leave out the pentacostals out in Eastern Kentucky way either!

    Snake handling and why Jesus thinks your crazy!

    Jesus rules of thumb, poisonous snakes will kill you if they bite you, jesus says stick to the non poisonous if you must handle serpents.

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