Happy Independence Day!! My Brief Perspective on Freedom and Current Events

A departure from my norm – I delve into the political on one of my favorite days of the year. (I like freedom, beer, and blowing things up – almost a perfect day)  

I still have a hard time seeing past my Christian theology and accepting homosexual marriage. I have an M.Div so am not uneducated on Biblical matters. 
Personally, I have an even harder time understanding why a man would WANT to have sex with another man. Sort of like runny yoke fried eggs – yuck!! (Of course the hypocrisy is, like many men, have a facination with two women together – but not ugly ones. Still, I have a theological issue with it. I’m not proud – just honest)

Ok, I can tell it’s time to lighten the mood with a funny video already

Even more personal, my son, The Graduate, came out to my wife and I a few months ago, and to his friends about a year ago. We were honestly not the least bit surprised. He is the BEST KID!! 

I’m vested in this topic on a lot of levels.  

All this to say, this Independence Day I am glad our Supreme Court upheld freedom in America last week. 

I don’t have to understand desires on ANY level in order to understand FREEDOM. We ALL won last week!! Christians, LGBTQ, and anyone who loves their individual rights to believe and practice their heart and faith. 

I love my country and the freedom we share!!! God has blessed us in America! 

Also, I’m thankful for those who protect this freedom we have!!

Also we like guns! 


 Be Safe and have a Happy 4th!! 


  1. Wow Chris. That was amazing. I really enjoyed the read and you’re an amazing father. Thanks for being an opened minded guy and expressing your love toward your family and more particularly your son. Happy late Fourth of July, friend! Followed definitely!

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  2. This was nice. So often we hear from those Christians that yell through megaphones that they can drown out the voices from supporters of LGBT from their own faith. Those voices that lead us forward with compassion are infinitely more important.

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  3. *
    Well-written commentary. We transsexuals / LGBT seek what others currently hold dear – freedom and equality.

    Speaking for myself, I never force my self upon others; they can decide for themselves.

    You put good humour to work. Yep, notice how men will go ‘Yuck!’ at male homosexuality, then turn eager with the subject of a lesbian couple making out.

    It is a happy beginning when parents accept their children unconditionally. Many speak that sentiment, but few really mean it and most evade being tested at it.

    We actually have partial support from Rev. Pat Robertson (yes, he of CBN and ‘700 Club’). Robertson came out himself in 2013 and other times supporting transsexuals and research about transsexualism; he understand the reality of the biological component. We need to boost him a little bit toward accepting the ‘L’, ‘G’, and ‘B’ parts of ‘LGBT’.

    My immediate family never accepted me and my change; but my life is so far off. They wanted nothing to do with my change so I had no way to include them in the joy of my transition and surgeries. Both parents died not knowing; my sister replied that she wanted nothing more to do with me. My extended family is likewise absent from my circle.


    1. So sorry I didn’t respond to this sooner. Not sure how I missed your comments. I know there are a lot of different dynamics in the LGBTQ community. I have read many perspectives from a lot of people. I know there is a loooong way to go to have an accepting culture of love. I have a grandson who is mixed race and I can feel awkward stares sometimes when we are together. This issue of racism has taken a couple of generations since big changes in the 60s and 70s and is still not over. I’m afraid you are a pioneer and may not fully see the benefits of the work. You are laying ground though for future generations.


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