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“If ever a wonderful wiz there was the Wizard of WordPress is one because

“because because because because

“because of the wonderful tech support she does!!”

Well fellow bloggers and iPhone app enthusiasts, the woman behind the curtain cured what ailed me. It turns out it was the anger and resentment in my own heart causing the new WP app  update (WP iOS 5.2 is it?) to malfunction. 

All I had to do was send off a couple of tech support messages (I’m always polite). Wizard of WP reached deep into my soul and saw just a seed of anger and resentment. When she fixed that, then everything fell into place. 

(There was also some technical stuff she did, but I don’t think it had anything to do with that. You can read at the bottom.) 

Now, fellow bloggers, I have to say I am a bit disappointed in my powerful reader base this week. Together we can be strong, we can change the world, but it takes a village. I asked for your help to REBLOG in order to get the WIZARD of WP’s attention and I think only 2 reblogs! We can’t start a movement like that. 

Next time, fellow bloggers and future world changers, assume it is serious even if you don’t fully understand the complexities of the situation. The balance of world power could be at stake! Ok I hope we are still friends.

Here is the technical jargon: 

Thanks Chrissie!!  @Chrissie



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