WORKout or FUNout?? (subtitle: Strong Mind, Strong Body; I’m back in the game)

Disregard yesterday’s LAZY post (unless it applies to you today).

THANK YOU fellow bloggers and exercise enthusiasts for your encouragement yesterday!! I made it to Yoga last night and Circuit Training this morning. I can already feel the energy returning after last week’s gluttony, drunkenness and travel (that’s an exaggeration – but not really)

Now, only a few of you have visited my Workout Log page – how about some encouragement for hard work done!!??

Strong Mind, Strong Body!! page has a bit more about me and my goals.

Here’s the thing – I’m 46, a bit overweight, I love to eat, and have had two rounds of major depression in the last few years. I am not by any stretch of the imagination a fitness beast. I do work hard, though, to feel good and to have energy to get through the day. This is a discipline I have been working hard on for several years. I ABSOLUTELY can tell a difference in every part of my life if I am working out or not.

If you struggle with depression, or simple feel blah a lot of the time, if you want MORE energy, if you want to think more clearly, if you want to shed a few pounds, or add a few pounds of solid (as opposed to flab) then hit the gym, or the road, or the pool, or the dusty old treadmill in the basement, or try a class – many fitness instructors allow first timers to try a first class for free.

The first day is the hardest (except for every day after that). This is why it’s called a WORKout instead of a FUNout. It is WORK, but it has its benefits across the board!!





  1. Go Chris go! A few of us are doing a 30 day planking challenge. By itself, it’s not enough of a workout, but it reminds me that I need to so something every day. Plus we have a Facebook group that provides some accountability. Wish I could attach a pic, I’d give you the planking instructions.

    Anywho, keep working it!

    What did you decide to tell your wife about us? Does she know about me yet? 😉

    by “me” I mean your blog and blogger family, of course. Wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. Hee hee.



    1. 30 day planking challenge – I’m intrigued – do tell more

      Still working on my “coming out” plan. I do need to tell her. I’ve started to change my identity a bit (note the new gravitar) to be more anonymous bc I know that will be one of the things she does not like – the possibility of someone she knows reading our life story (I couldn’t care less myself). I’ll do a blog on this sometime soon.

      30 day planking – do tell

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  2. Good for you. Keep it up. I try and make it a lifelong practice as well but sometimes I fall off the energy wagon. Having depression also, I’ve learned the hardest part for me is making the decision to work out regardless of how unmotivated and exhausted I feel. Those are the days I need it most and I rarely leave a workout not feeling happier and energetic. I will cheer you on 🙂

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    1. I absolutley agree – Monday and Tuesday all I wanted to do was sleep. I forced myself on a short run Monday, didn’t help much. Tues and this morning I already had in my tool kit some options that I knew would force me to push myself if i just showed up. I need that. Some days just showing up is all I can do and if I have to movtivate myself through a tough workout it won’t happen. Grateful for professional trainers!

      thanks for reading and responding, I have appreciated your perspectives a lot!

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  3. Good for you!
    There must be something to it – all the highest functioning people in the world seem to do it religiously!
    A no brainer and yet…. Easier said than done!
    Keep it up – only good things to be gained from it!

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      1. All is well! Have my health, my mind, my soul and my beautiful daughter. And no one tormenting me !!!! A world of difference. Who’d have thought. : )
        Now to get that exercise thing back on track : )

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