Catch-22 & Laziness (subtitle: I think I see Chris?)

One of the most bewildering of concepts: The Catch-22

The last two months I’ve been working out hard and really feeling good. Last week travelling I felt great!! However, as I was traveling all week, I ate like crap, drank too much, and worked out little. This week, not surprisingly, I feel like crap.

I NEED to go to the gym, or the pool, or hit the road for a run.


I WANT to sleep, and eat, and drink a beer, and obviously write a useless blog post.

The Catch – 22

Must  . . . force . . . myself . . . out  . . . of . . . the . . . chair

(Side note which gives an indication of how UNmotivated I am: above I used the spellings “traveling” and “travelling” – spell check likes them both – what gives?)

Full Definition of LAZY 

1a: disinclined to activity or exertion : not energetic or vigorous
 b: encouraging inactivity or indolence <a lazy summer day>
2: moving slowly : sluggish
3: droopy, lax <a rabbit with lazy ears>
4: placed on its side <lazy E livestock brand>


    1. I’m going to a yoga class tonight – it’s a REALLY challenging class, but enjoyable. Then circuit training in the morning. Nothing enjoyable there, but it’s structured so forces me I work hard. Hopefully by then I’ll be back on track!!!


  1. We all get like that because we are human and can’t run at a million percent all the time! Set yourself a new goal and a new target to get yourself motivated again.

    Sometimes a change is as good as a rest so doing your yoga might be the way forward! If that doesn’t work put your big girl pants on and man up! Get your arse of the sofa and just GO GO GO!!!!! 🙂

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      1. I will definitely NOT be doing a guest blog. i won’t write a summary statement either. and you know i refuse to give advice. but i will say this: you’re a great writer. but that’s not the reason i read through your whole blog. it’s not the way you say it…it’s what you’re saying that struck a chord with me. your story, your search for chris, is so relatable. you explain your struggle so openly and honestly and sincerely. that’s reason you have so many followers and have so many comments. how is it possible that this chris….the humble, funny, honest, caring, desperately seeking, and totally compassionate person isn’t the chris you’re looking for?

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      2. Thank you. Because I know the guy before – he could get out bed and make a sandwich for the gods lunches without losing it. He could plan three things in a day and get them done. Now I ask my wife, what should I do next? I can mow the grass if that is my task, but tell me the yard needs to be cleaned up and I can’t figure it out.

        That and I want to cry all the time – but I can’t


  2. i just typed this long ass brilliant comment on my phone and lost it. mother effer. deep breath.

    i just talked about this exact thing with my ‘friend’ yesterday. it’s time to start accepting our current selves. it’s time to start acknowledging the person we are right now. it’s time to start giving our selves some effing credit for surviving this shit we go through everyday. it’s time to praise ourselves and find our value again. this is what i’ll do today on my blog. think you can do it too? think you can turn down the volume for a minute on all the negative self talk we harass ourselves with everyday and take a minute to be proud of who we really are?

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