One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

You know trying to get out of town for a week can be a challenge! I had a good run this morning and went to work with a decent list of things to do to get out of the office by early afternoon. By lunch time the list had GROWN instead of shrinking and I couldn’t get people out of my office!! It was one step forward two steps back. 

Thankfully the afternoon was quiet. It was a beautiful, hot day today and I think most were ready for the weekend!  Finally, by about 5pm I was all wrapped up, had my ‘out of office reply’ set on my email and got home to a very nice night: Steak and asparagus for early Father’s Day dinner, watched our 5 year old grandson in a Vacation Bible School final night program, Dairy Queen (Oreo Blizzard – the usual), and now a nice cigar and beer watching the fireflies come out.

Haven’t packed a thing . . . It can wait til morning! 




      1. You may have heard this one, but since I’m in Seattle with coffee shops on every corner, it’s appropriate. I like my men like I like my coffee: hot, rich, and sweet. šŸ˜‰



      1. Lol! So much depends on context. If that was in the first email from him, I would think it was wierd. However, if he was botanist or had mentioned that he had a garden, I might take it as a sincere compliment. After all, I was deeply touched when Reggie compared me to girl scout cookies. If anyone else had said that out of context, I may have thought they were calling me fat or full of artificial sweetness or something. Lol. Being called a GS cookie because I’m hard to put down and need to be savored, well, that one is pure gold.

        After all the beautiful nature that I’ve seen this week, being compared to asparagus sounds delightful! Much better than being called a bisquit, too! šŸ˜‰

        Chris, your blog is sweeter than cheesecake. šŸ™‚


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      2. Hmmm cheesecake is very sweet, but also creamy and delightful. Can’t eat too much though or it might make you sick! That’s why I don’t write every day! Thanks for the great interaction. Hope you have a great rest of your trip!!


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