Good days for blogs

Marie and Jamie were out of town over the weekend and I was here with the two older boys, 10 & 5, and of course our son “The Graduate.” I wish I could say I miss Marie when we are apart, but I haven’t. I travel some for work and look forward to being away.

It was a nice change being apart and me being home.

I had time for coffee and about an hour of reading this morning before anyone woke up. I cooked breakfast and took the kids to church. We got there early instead of the normal 10 minutes late which I like! I had a chance to say “Hi” to a few friends.

I’ve been working out a lot, and the doctor had up’d the “happy meds” about 3 weeks ago. Generally I’m feeling a lot better about life ( I really had been in a dark place).

I also have found a lot of enjoyment in blogging the last month and a half. I kept a journal many years ago, but that was different. Knowing others (even strangers) might read adds a level of accountability to keeping this in an understandable and logical format instead of just random writing.

You all have literally made me laugh, and made me cry in reading your blogs. I have greatly appreciated a few very heartfelt interactions and the prayers I have offered for you and which you have offered for me.

Relaxing to end the weekend with my new little buddy, Jamie’s son and my grandson, on the back deck.

Cheers to the week ahead fellow bloggers. 🍺



  1. thank you! it is just a roller coaster. Some days feeling great others just lethargic. I know i have to work out and get eoungh sleep – that always makes a huge difference. Lunchtime swim today! getting older sucks!!!

    thanks for checking in and for your caring response!!! I feel like I’m making friends with strangers lol


  2. I’m happy that you are feeling like you have come out of your dark place. I understand that. I think the best way to overcome those times is to put it all out there like you are doing. Keep you the amazing work! Cheers

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      1. my phones been acting up. im surprised u were even able to see that reply. it said it failed. well, im kinda glad that u r moving forward, slowly, but at least not backwards. im going to have to catch up on reading ur blogs. i have been slacking.

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      2. lol….anonymous because i dont like people I KNOW in my business. i needed an outlet and i found it, but i dont need anyone being nosy. im kind of a loner/reserved with my personal life, as much as possible, for good reason.

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