DEAR MARGAUX: Some Happy Thoughts on Depression

I asked Margaux Wilder, a fellow blogger and self-proclaimed advice giver for . . . . what else but ADVICE! Her advice comes with the warning, “I urge the reader to remember that the following is worth exactly the amount you’re paying.”
But I found her advice to be much more valuable than she gives herself credit for! In fact it’s downright solid!

Margaux, you’ll be happy to know I have been working with professionals for quite some time in perfecting the ideal chemical concoction to clear the fog and lift the clouds. I made the ABSOLUTE AMATEUR mistake last summer of thinking I didn’t need said concoction any longer since I was feeling so fantastic. And guess what? Yep . . . tailspin to crash and burn. So now I am on the rebound again.

Go ahead and try to shake off clinical depression, we’ll wait here

Go ahead and try to shake off clinical depression, we’ll wait here

I like what Margaux has to say about leaving the old Chris behind – she is right he is probably gone forever. And to invent a new Chris is also probably not the ideal perspective either. Rather I’ll look for the new Chris to emerge and thank God for all his great qualities (of which I am certain there will be many!! lol)

Thanks Margaux for your thoughtful feedback! I’ll be back for more advice as soon as I can save enough money to pay for the next round!

P.S. I’m not a veteran, but am actually one who your national defense currently counts on – scary I know!


AND SO… a brave soul stepped up and became the first victim, er, recipient of my so-called advice. I urge the reader to remember that the following is worth exactly the amount you’re paying.

It’s unlikely that there is a person breathing around here that isn’t in some way personally affected by clinical Depression. With the capital “D” I’m referring to the diagnosed illness, as opposed to the blue feeling that comes with events and passes with time. Clinical Depression is different, and go ahead and google it if you’re not familiar with the symptoms, etc., but as mentioned above, we all either know someone who suffers, or are intimately involved, since almost 15 million  people in the US suffer,  and here’s a fact that I just learned: the median age at onset is 32, which is right around the time C. says he was diagnosed.

C. calls himself an…

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    1. Thank you! It took a while to “come out” but I found it took so much energy to not be honest with myself and others. I’m a spectacle in the therapists waiting room. I smile and nod at the others as we sit uncomfortably waiting as if to say, “Today is a great day, and we are all in the right place.”


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