A Moment of Transparency – Part 1

“I’ve learned to understand that this period of loneliness was really for Adam’s benefit.”

In my last post “Until Death Do Us Part”  I asked the question what perfect would look like. Stacy below writes on a good place from which to understand perfection: In the Garden!

– thanks Stacy for directing my focus. This is a great read on the necessity of relationship in our lives!

Extravagantly Ordinary

Transparency is a scary thing and most people rarely want to be seen and known for exactly who they are. It’s even harder to really know who a person is now with the internet and the popularity of social media. In my opinion it’s the natural offshoot of “reality TV”. We typically present the best of ourselves with our thoughts, our pictures and selfies (which are the best pictures out of hundreds we take), and our great little quotes, anecdotes, or scriptures for our particular audience. Even I almost got caught up in the self-promotion that social media allows but, ultimately, I realized just how empty it is. The only thing social media does is make us less social.

I think this video expresses exactly what I’m talking about better than I could.

The Innovation of Loneliness from Shimi Cohen on Vimeo.

This is my point: God never intended us to live disconnected…

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