The Sins of the Father

The sins of the father . . .

Jamie is hurting. Her parents divorced when she was about 4 years old. Of course, as most girls that age do, she adored her father. He was the top of her world and her everything. Her dad was in the military in Germany when her parents split up, so Jamie didn’t see her father for about 2 years. Her mom moved home with the kids to her parents’ house.

When I married Jamie’s mom, Jamie was 6 years old. Her dad had returned from Germany, but never moved back into her life. There is no blame other than the brokenness that comes in so many hearts from a failed marriage. I adopted Jamie and her younger brother not long after we married. I was 23 and in college.

I so wish I had a concept of the love a little girl needs when her world is torn apart, but I was clueless, self-absorbed, young and foolish. I wonder if I could have replaced the love of the one she yearned for her whole life?

Jamie crossed the stage of her high school graduation to the applause of her classmates, she was 7 months pregnant. I think by that time she had moved back home, but there were times over the last two years we didn’t know where Jamie was.

The summer of 2004, about a week after Jamie’s first son was born, his dad was arrested on drug charges. Almost 11 years later, he is still in prison. He has been out on occasion, but not for long. Also in prison are the father of Jamie’s second son, born five years later, and the father of her third son, born just a few months ago.

Three dads in prison, three children, one broken and lonely mother.

Last week Jamie called and asked if she could come and stay with us for a while – maybe a month or a year. YES! Jamie PLEASE come and stay with us. We will love you like we always have and help you. We have always wanted you to thrive and not just survive.

Please, God, teach me how to love my daughter like you have loved me.



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