Money Under the Table

Today I was rummaging for change for an afternoon snack, something I shouldn’t be doing. I finally found what I needed under the inversion table in my office (that’s one of those back stretchers where you hang upside-down). I laughed at myself, partly because I had a hard time bending over to pick up the coins.

Strong Mind, Strong Body

I’ve been trying to get into better shape this year. Now, I’m already in fairly decent shape compared to my 45 year old peer group. My job demands that I keep a certain fitness level. But I’ve been feeling sluggish and am always on the edge of feeling overweight (most people would absolutely agree I’m overweight). I started the year strong with the hope of running my 4th half marathon this spring and then a full 26.2 in the fall. But then cold weather happened, and spring break happened, and my running partner fizzled out, and I saw my long run days getting shorter instead of longer.

This morning I decided to give myself a kick-start and head to the gym across the street from my office for a circuit training workout one of the trainers their does. It’s an awesome workout focused on strength and endurance, and I love how I feel when I am doing this regularly. In fact I have had more energy today as a result of my morning workout than I’ve had in a long time.

Well, because I left home early to catch the work-out I didn’t pack a lunch (Catch-22) AND I got stuck doing something for my boss and missed lunch. I had a couple of protein bars squirreled away that got me to 3pm and then the “crunchy salty” munchies kicked in and I found myself on my hands and knees scraping up change under the inversion table. One bag of Chex Mix later I’m almost done with my second blog!

The lesson – pack a lunch the night before since you already know you have to get up early to work out as evidenced by the earlier setting on the alarm click and coffee maker.

Incidentally, my inversion table is an Iron Man Memory Foam System 1000 (yes in my office) and love it!! About $150 on Amazon as a Christmas gift to myself. Easy in and out with nice foam padding on ankles and back. I wish it would make me taller, but instead it just gives me relief from my 45 year-old degenerative disks. (You’re welcome Iron Man for the free review).

One of the ways I know I’m overweight is that I have the inversion table set on 5’10” but I’m only 5’6”. What this means is that in order to not slam myself over and get stuck upside-down, I have to move my center of gravity down 4” to compensate for the extra mass around my torso. Yes, of course this is the less obvious way to gage if one is overweight. I can also tell by looking in the mirror.

But this blog is about getting a payoff under the table!!


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